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Friday, September 08, 2006 - Online Word Processor is a Google project that caught my interest. Not exactly a threat to Microsoft Word, but potentially very useful. Because it is on the web, the user can access documents from any computer with an internet connection. Documents are saved securely, but can be published or shared. Users can also publish their blog with Writely.

Writely editor interface (click to enlarge)
Writely editor interface (click to enlarge)

Writely offers spellcheck, revision history, HTML editor and preview, and the ability to collaborate on a document. Writely accepts as upload .html and text (.txt), MS Word (doc.), Rich Text (.rtf), and OpenOffice (.odt, .sxw). Documents can be downloaded as zipped .html, .rtf, and .pdf (!) and as Word and OpenOffice.

Writely file manager (Click to enlarge)
Writely file manager (click to enlarge)

Because you never know when you might need to hammer out a web page, I can see myself using this online application. It could also be especially useful for students and other individuals who frequently have to use computers that are not their own. The potential for real-time collaboration will make Writely a possible solution for groups and clubs. is a free online service. Registration is necessary, but all they require is an email address.

You can keep up with project news at the Writely Blog. And let's keep an eye on the trend toward more useful web apps.

Posted by Linda Dawn Hill at 8:53 PM
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