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Freeware is fully-functional free software that can be downloaded from the internet. It is distributed by the author, who retains a copyright. This protects his intellectual property from being altered or sold. The user license is not time-limited, as is the case with trial software.

There are many well-known and well-loved freeware programs. Trying out new freeware and comparing similar programs while searching for the "Best One" are just part of the joy!

I love freeware because it fits the budget and you can get a lot of it for nothing!

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Freeware Tips

  • Some freeware sites offer user feedback and ratings. Read and consider the advise of other users.
  • Visit the author's web site.
  • Look at the screenshot if one is available.
  • Scan every file for viruses before opening the zip file or running the installer.
  • Read the license agreement during installation.
  • Avoid demos (incomplete, for-show versions), shareware ($ware), warez (cracked software).

The Freeware

The freeware community consists of people who use and love freeware. They love testing and discussing freeware. They are happy to make recommendations to other users seeking guidance. There are two news groups that will connect you to the freeware community:

freeware-news - moves at a relaxed pace. 1 to 3 messages a day. Very nice for beginners. You will need a Yahoo account to sign up for freeware-news.

alt.comp.freeware - is heavy duty and hard core. 100 to 200 messages a day. This group is rich in knowledgable and helpful members. Google Groups

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Gotta Have This Freeware!


  • Karen's Replicator - Backup files, directories, entire drives
  • SyncBack Freeware - easily backup and synchronise your files to: the same drive; a different drive or medium (CDRW, CompactFlash, etc); an FTP server; a Network; or a Zip archive.

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File Management

  • Filemon - Monitors and displays file system activity in real-time
  • HashCalc - Compute multiple hashes, checksums and HMACs for files, text and hex strings
  • IZarc - Excellent zip utility
  • KillBox - Delete undeletable files
  • RenameMaster - Rename utility

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  • CurrPorts - Displays the list of all currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer
  • FavOrg - Download favicons for your favorites
  • IP2 - Find your external IP
  • LeechGet 2005 - Download manager
  • Neutron - Time sync
  • TCPView - Lists all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system

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Notes & Organizers

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  • Autoruns - See and change the programs set to run at startup
  • Belarc Advisor - Displays numerous system details
  • CCleaner - Remove junk files from your computer
  • DeskPins - Keep window of your choice on top
  • DriverView - Displays a list of drivers on your system
  • ERUNT/NTREGOPT - Optimize and backup your registry
  • HxD - Hex editor with disk access
  • Neutron - Network time sync
  • RegSeeker - Excellent registry search tool
  • TreeSize - Discover the size of the various folders on your disk

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Text Editors

  • Metapad - Notepad replacement
  • PSPad - Programmers editor
  • Xint - Alternative note pad

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Web Authoring

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Favorite Freeware Web Sites

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